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The security specialist is considering the pandemic-induced accelerated level of digital transformation, focusing on 'digital trust' at 2022's International Security Expo in London. 

BSI Group logo.svg 2BSI's key focus this year is on the concept of 'digital trust'. (Image Source: BSI)

BSI is utilising its over-century-long experience to showcase modern products and show businesses how to improve performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth at the International Security Expo 2022.

The company's team of experts are on-hand to spotlight how organisations around the world have been embedding sustainability, developing expertise, improving efficiency, accelerating innovation, and delivering digital trust with BSI's approaches. 

To address the modern era of 'digital trust', BSI has expanded its consulting practice beyond cybersecurity to ask and answer broader questions around digital trust, helping customers manage digital supply chain risks, the ethics of AI and more.

International Security Expo is inviting government and industry specialists to Olympia London from 27-28 September 2022.