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TASNEEF’s continuous efforts to support the business sector, with quality control certification and best practice models, are developed with an aim to support the national economy and give businesses a strong advantage in the face of international competition

2Rashed Al Hebsi and Khalfan Saeed Al Saadi at the announcement of the TASNEEF business assurance. (Image source: TASNEEF)

Emirates Classification Society, TASNEEF, has announced the official launch of “TASNEEF Business Assurance” which will offer training and certification for public and private sectors, with a special focus on performance, management, and quality standards. The new company will encourage best practice and help businesses achieve the highest performance standards through a strategy built around gaining higher revenues and returns from human resources. 

Tasneef Business Assurance will also help businesses apply government standards and improve management techniques to leverage their capabilities against international competition. The announcement was made during the launch of TASNEEF’s new headquarters in Abu Dhabi’s Al Dar HQ building, where VIP’s and key players in the UAE’s maritime industry were in attendance.

Eng. Rashed Al Hebsi, CEO of TASNEEF, said, “We understand the importance of business assurance when it comes to improving the Arab region’s economy. Situated in the heart of the map, the region is home to the most important straits and is therefore the connecting path to all corners of the world. Our business assurance services for government and private establishments will not only increase their global competitive edge, but will also bring more international trading bodies to work in this region, confident and knowing that our government sets quality standards that are aligned with our economic environment and development.”

Al Hebsi added, “We are proud to work with such a well-experienced national and international workforce under TASNEEF Business Assurance. With their skills, they will help us create a more lucrative market and allow companies to use their quality certifications to expand their services globally.”

Khalfan Saeed Al Saadi, general manager of TASNEEF Business Assurance, highlighted the importance of the company’s specialized services and the added value it brings to TASNEEF’s company as a whole. He said, “We aim to cooperate and collaborate with more governing bodies in different sectors including quality assurance, health and safety, energy, railways and transportation, space, agriculture, health care, business governance, oil & gas, and, of course, ship building. Our efforts will, in turn, contribute to a sustainable economy capable of facing any future challenges that may come ahead.”

TASNEEF Business Assurance has recently collaborated with the Jordanian Academy of Maritime Studies in Jordan for a workshop that demonstrates their services and highlights the opportunities available for business assurance in both countries.