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Midday break violations in Oman can now be reported via a hotline number, according to the Ministry of Manpower

labourrest jonbalk flickrArticle 16 of Oman’s occupational safety and health regulations states that workers must not work at construction sites or in open and elevated areas from 1230 to 1530 from June through August. (Image source: Jon Balk/Flickr)

“Violations can be reported at 80077000,” Salem Al Saadi, advisor to the Minister of Manpower, told Times of Oman.

Last week, the ministry announced that the midday break, for those working in open areas and elevated areas, will begin in June and continue through August.

In the notice, the ministry has called upon establishments and private sector institutions to abide by the provisions of Article 16 of the occupational safety and health regulations, which state that workers must not work at construction sites or in open and elevated areas from 1230 to 1530 during the three months.

In 2015, 391 companies were warned by the ministry for violating the mid-day break rule for outdoor workers in Oman, which included 138 businesses in Amerat, 122 in Seeb, 98 in Bausher and 33 in Muttrah.

According to the Article 118 of the Oman Labour Law, violators can be penalised with fines ranging from US$259.8 to US$1299, or a jail term of not more than one month, or both. The penalty is doubled for repeat violations.

In the first week of May, Al Saadi told Times of Oman that the midday break for workers will begin on June 1, as in previous years. Meanwhile, news reports in UAE state that, this year, the midday break will begin on June 15 until 15 September 2016.

In many areas of Oman, temperatures are currently hovering around 45ºC.

Construction workers at different sites in Muscat said it has become difficult for them to work in the sun. Ravi Kumar, an expatriate construction worker in Ruwi, said, “It seems this time the summer will be worse. A few minutes in the sun drains our energy.”