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Launching this month in the UAE, the walk-through sanitising gate solution offers an automatic 360o disinfection barrier that kills 99.9 per cent of germs and viruses

Guard Sanitizing gate The new walk-through gate offers 360° automatic disinfection which kills 99.9 per cent of germs. (Image source: Guard Sanitizing Gate)

A solution created to support with the current pandemic and to help prevent the breakout of future pandemics.

Guard Sanitizing Gate, made in the UAE, is eco-friendly, safe on the skin and child friendly, offering an effective solution for locations where large numbers of people are passing through. The gate has several features, such as; instant temperature measurement, face mask detection, fast nebulization disinfection, 360° all-directional disinfection, LCD screens for visual display, and an alarm which is set off when anyone who has a temperature passes through.

Says, Husam Zammar, co- founder of Guard Sanitizing Gate, said, “We have created a solution that will play a big role in helping businesses and residents return back to our daily lives as quickly as possible. The Guard Sanitizing Gate is a great product to be installed and used in malls, schools, offices, public transport locations, healthcare venues, airports, hotels, restaurants and more.

“The technology used in this product is first of its kind in the Middle East and we will offer a low-cost consumption compared to other products in market. We are also offering free of cost for government and semi-government sectors, they will be required to only pay a monthly service fee.”